Almost always site-specific, social heritage based installations and community collaborations.


Inside Out 2020 Turku International School and Sibelius Museum. Flow a solar powered light installation for mörkÖ Festival 2017. Story Mountain for Europeade 2017 Folk Festival Turku 2017 A Large free-standing fabric sculpture  and children’s folklore workshop at Sagalund Living Museum created with Sari Kippila. Continuum was a timeline wire challenge game afor Dalsbruk Museum to celebrate the history of steel production. Working with children’s groups I created an interactive game that marked key moments in history and the lost factory shift whistle as an alert sound affect. Leaves Mynämäki Library Wall Mounted Sculpture : Turku Libraries The Youth Group and Cultural Media Trip Through Finland. A Finnish Cultural Media Crossing the Finnish project was created with a local youth group. The work was based on Antti Lizelius’s work as the founder of the first Finnish-language newspaper. We looked at different forms of writing poems are written with a quill and ink, an antique typewriter and an old cell phone. We made a large woven wall-mounted work after shredding masses of unwanted library books. With the masses of paper yarn we created a huge book with woven paper pages for the new children’s library. In it we interwove our initials and a new song we wrote about the evolution of language.

Spin : Blaze, Cultural Olympiad, Blackpool UK Worked with young people to design Persistence of Vision (POV) lighting displays for 50 bikes for Ride the Lights. Persistence of Vision displays use a sequence of flickering lights and motion to trick the eye into seeing a complete image or sequence of images. 100 Years : Creative Partnerships
Royds Hall School and David Brown – mechanical sculpture for 100 years of industry, Huddersfield UK