Blink designed and delivered award-winning creative technology initiatives | participatory art | mobile phone platforms | site-specific creative collaborations | film commissions, photography, poetry. Some of the earliest creative applications using SMS / MMS | RFID | Bluetooth. Blink was Lisa Roberts and Andrew Wilson.

We Love Technology 2008-10 annual event for makers coordinated with Abby Dix

A new kind of disruptive technology event promoting the creative misuse of technology since the age of the not-so-smart phone. The anti-conference event brought together new artists like Troika, writers like we-make-money-not-art, designers like x, makers and designers annual conference. We Love Technology began at the media Centre and the University fo Huddersfield, moved to Bates Mill and later partnered with Lovebytes, Sheffield in 2010. A nice 2015 review here from Russel Davies

“It was unbelievably inspiring, includes the most amazing visionary speakers but is also small friendly and perfectly formed. The quality of TED but more accessible.”

“Totally fascinating and informing, We Love Technology opened up a world of new media that I’d only imagined existed. I went back to work buzzing with ideas. A truly unique event.” The Melt team

Photo by Debby Noble for Lovebytes

Home GrizeDale Arts, Forestry Commission and Folly. Podcamp and Family Tree Trail

Early Bluetooth tests
Blueloci in James Turell’s Deer Shelter at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Conference attendance and participation
Blink participated in Intel and Microsoft’s workshop at Chi2008, the international conference in computer science in Florence.

In 2009 I participated in Nokias’ CoCreation day and Maemo Summit in Amsterdam.     Co-Creation Day, one day before Maemo Summit.
(#maesum) in Amsterdam, October 2009.

ISEA 2006
Listening Post by Mark Hanson and Ben Rubin ISEA, San Hose

FutureSonic 2008. Programme Manager

Mobile Museum : Leeds City Museums and Art Galleries 2008

LifeSize was an urban design initiative delivered as part of Yorkshire Forward’s Renaissance programme in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. The week long intensive project enabled young people to map out their town centre using mobile phones, sms and flickr. Later in the year participants presented their ideas about the future of Bridlington to the Rennaisance Town Team.

Standing On Ceremony was a street scene to urban screen event commissioned as part of Bradford’s Stir arts festival in 2007. Members of the public were invited to write their own accolade and strike a pose on the S.O.C plinth. Their image and chosen title were then projected onto the BBC’s Big Screen creating an alternative census for the city.

Echo : Butlins and the Institute of Physics Story telling and learning for kids and screens at the holiday resort.

Viewpoint : Fenland District Council

Areacode: FutureSonic Festival, Manchester 2004
Areacode was an SMS mapping system designed with artist Jen Southern for Mobile Connections.

BBC Innovation Labs

Surface Patterns
Year long sms site tagging project which enabled mobile phone users to read and write about significant events which had taken place in 10 places in Huddersfield.To compliment Surface Patterns locative media artist Jen Southern was commissioned to develop a series of Walking and Audio Tours.

City Poems

A text message biography of Leeds 2003 and 2005, delivered from a network of Poem Points around the city.  In 2004 City Poems and Stadschromosomen used mobile phones and text messages to twin the cities of Leeds and Antwerp for UNESCO’s World Book Capital celebrations.

Leeds International Film Festival – Short Film Festival facilitator

New ways to engage and connect young people of Fenland through new kinds of creative action.

G8WAY was a two-year project led by Fenland District Council’s arts officer Vicky Thompson.

G8WAY happened in the rural part of Cambridgeshire where there are higher than average levels of disadvantage. Among other things it combined dance and mobile technology and a picture messaging project called Postcards from Fenland. 

We took a chance and used a pay-as-you-go phone with a little credit as a documentary tool. Young people were given free reign to use the credit to take any photos they wanted and post them online. When the credit was up we reloaded ti and it was passed onto someone else just like a baton in a relay race. We monitored the images and we were amazed at the quality of images and the care that was taken.

Pocket Shorts & Pocket Shorts Scotland
NESTA funded

Low Budget Lottery Award : Yorkshire Arts

Movies Short Film Production Fund : Screen Yorkshire

Bluevend : EIFF, Film and Video Umbrella
Rotterdam film challenge
DRU Public Screens research
Short Circuits
Short Circuits Low Budget Filmmaking Awards

GRAFT : Creative Keys Project for the Culture Company

A pilot scheme that connected creative graduates from the University fo Huddersfield with local SMEs in order to gain experience int he cultural industries.