Pagan is a cross-disciplinary collective with a background in technology, film, interaction and games design. Pagan are fundamentally connected by the joy of experimentation and make-believe.

Pagan develop new methodologies through commissions, residencies and education work. We combine manufactured objects and ideas with the natural world and use digital technologies to explore natural boundaries and modes of interaction between things. Process and performance is a crucial feature of our practice. Pagan love iterative design, cross-disciplinary collaboration, discovery games, re-presenting museum archives and finding the human in XR mixed media. We seek ways to combine ancient craft techniques with emerging media as well as revisiting ideas and technology deemed obsolete by market forces.

Pagan are Daniel Blackburn, Lisa Roberts and Tuomo Tammenpää from Kemiö, Finland. Currently we are currently showing Chrysalis as part of Sculpture Expanded in Esplanadi Park and Malminkartano Hill in Helsinki.

More about our latest projects on and Instagram @pagantech.

Chrysalis is an entity emitting strange frequencies in response to all kinds of environmental stimuli. Visitors of Esplanadi Park and Malminkartano Hill  will be able to observe these anomalies by using our Chrysalis AR app,  a new public sculpture for Helsinki. The Association of Finnish Sculptors Sculpture Expanded – Moving Laboratory of Public Art is a major public art project during which the urban space will become a laboratory for movable works of art. Pagan has been selected to be one of 10 artists and groups to transform the city of Helsinki in Summer 2019.

Bucket Reality explores the future of sculpture in the everyday world of virtual reality. Visitors are invited to explore three miniature handmade worlds using a VR headset mounted inside a bucket that hangs from the ceiling. Through Bucket Reality and the accompanying installation, Pagan explores what it means to be present in two places at once and ask how we orientate ourselves when we occupy more than one space at a time.

Island Audio is a site-specific sound map that brings new ways to engage with Kemiönsaari, its places and its people.During Vårkultur 13.04.18 – 27.04.18 walkers will discover 8 signs with a unique QR code. Each can be scanned to access sounds related to that place.  collaboration with composer Laura Naukinnen (Lau Nau) and Antti Tolvi.  More …

Audio Detector Pagan tested our Audio Detector prototype at Kiila Sound Day 2017. Pagan decorated headphones and made a long handled RFID detector from natural Finnish Midsummer materials. We added a menu of musical tracks by festival performers and scattered RFID tags hidden under leaves around the venue. Inquisitive festival-goers enjoyed their own private headphone moments by finding each tag. The most determined seekers who found all 20 tracks were rewarded with an extra 60 minutes of free music.We are currently exploring Bluetooth Audio detector as it has many applications in galleries, museums and parks. More…