Art Kiosk is a Sagalund Museum and Children’s Culture Centre initiative that I have run since 2018. I run three fast and furious creativity sessions a week in seven schools across Kemiönsaari. Check out Instagram #artkioskk

FAMILY TREE  :  Shelter building and creative writing residency project with a group of young carers in Grizedale, Cumbria. Each new structure was connected to new 160 character text message poems written by the builder on the theme of home. Workshop guests included artist and educator Julie Ann Sheridan and GetOutMore guru Annie Berrington.

As part of Blink’s Pocket Shorts initiative, I ran a series of short-form film-making workshops across the North of England with Andrew Wilson. They were designed to nurture the next generation of mobile phone film directors. Pocket Shorts was the first made for mobile short film production scheme funded by NESTA. It was later adopted in Scotland by Scottish Screen and Scottish Enterprise.

SPIN Pimp my bike project using Lady Ada’s spoke mounted pov ( persistence of vision) technology and simple animation with North West community groups and BLAZE. After a special visit, we developed 3 frame cartoons from Blackpool Illuminations Victorian neon lighting archive. They were seen by people who cheered us along the promenade and the hundreds of other riders on the night.

Paper art installation inspired by Aleksis Kivi made with local community group. Cutting, shredding and weaving words in paper onto an open book. A wall-mounted installation in Mynämäki library. Mini site here.

SEE ME Workshops with local children using reflective materials to modify umbrellas to keep them safe at bus stops.

CONTINUUM  Was a collaborative heritage drawing initiative with local school children. We used large charcoal sticks ( an important element in the steelmaking manufacture ) and drew a large continuous spiral one line following the next another to remember the importance of work and the annual labour day parades in Dalsbruk.

Finnish folklore workshop and soft story sculpture making with Saari Kippila and Sagalund Museum’s Children’s Culture Centre.

I made an extra large cardboard Enderman from Minecraft for UPLOAD Film Festival 2016. Here he lies naked and prostrate in front of the screen in Bio Fix, Villa Lande.

UPLOAD 2017 Michel Gondry inspired DIY Superhero stop-frame animation workshop.

A Spontaneous Scrapbot workshop with local scout group.

History of portraiture presentation and silhouette making workshop for Dalsbruk Museum’s Children’s Culture Centre group.

Stop frame animation workshop using LUUP video animation app UPLOAD 2017