Lisa Roberts began her producing and curating career at The Media Centre Huddersfield programming lens-based media exhibitions. Then new media technology production for TEST (including the first ever participatory mobile phone projects Static with Unlimited Theatre Company and Jaap De Jonge’s interactive public space platform, Speakers’ Corner) and the Digital Research Unit , Ultrasound Festival and coordinated education projects with Sonic Arts Network.


Short cut to Blink projects

Between 1999 and 2009 as the co-founder and creative director of interaction design company Blink, I devised and managed the NESTA-funded, made-for-mobile short film commissioning scheme in England and Scotland, Pocket Shorts, which showcased films at the Rotterdam and Edinburgh International Film Festival.  With Daniel Blackburn, I developed a brand new device call Bluevend, a unique Bluetooth-enabled touch screen ‘kiosk’ which shared mobile phone content in public places. It was later used by Film and Video Umbrella to tour Single Shot shorts across the UK from Tate Britain.

I worked with Creative Partnerships and developed a participatory project called Podcamp and Family Tree with Cumbria-based digital arts organisation Folly, Grizedale Forest and the Forestry Commission. This involved a young people’s residential workshop combined working outdoors, building reading room for one and writing site specific text poems. In Leeds in 2010 with Find Your Talent I created Mobile Museum, an initiative which used text messages to connect visitors with special objects across multiple Leeds museums and libraries.

We Love Technology, my anti-conference coordinated with Abby Dix brought together some of the most interesting makers of the day partnered with Lovebytes in 2010. I mentored for University of Bradford’s Digital Media Working Academy before moving to Finland in 2013.