Automatic drawing, chance and found materials are the basic ingredients of my collages.

Traces of human presence in the form of lost notes or prescriptions combine with my own marks. I often make a complete series of collages at once,  using the same materials and gestures across a number of canvases.

I work quickly to capture the spontaneity and rawness of the process of making in my compositions. I allow the colour palette and components depend on the materials available. I always try to capture something free and uneasy.

By creating works in this way, I try to retain something of the process. I enjoy the play between colour and materials, handmade and the readymade, gesture and the mechanically reproduced image.

My favourite works walk the line between abstraction and figurative and have an element of humour and openness. I try to leave space for the viewer with ambiguity so they can find their own interpretations and so explore their own responses.

Influences John Hoyland | Howard Hodgkin | Joseph Beuys | Robert Rauschenberg | Ellsworth Kelly |Cindy Sherman | Helen Frankenthaler | Jenny Holzer |