My work is site-specific and explores the connection between people, objects and place.

Flow a solar powered light installation for mörkö festival 2017

Story Mountain for Europeade 2017 Folk Festoval Turku 2017
Large freestanding fabric sculpture  and children’s folklore workshop at Sagalund Living Museum created with Sari Kippila.

Continuum was a timeline wire challenge game developed for Dalsbruk Museum to celebrate the history of steel production. Working with children’s groups I created an interactive game that marked key moments in history and the lost factory shift whistle as an alert sound affect.

Mynämäki Library Wall Mounted Sculpture : Turku Libraries
The Youth Group and Cultural Media Trip Through Finland

One of the joint works of Finnish Cultural Media Crossing the Finnish project was implemented at the Mynämäki Library. The Youth Workshop met four times in February and March with a visual artist Lisa Roberts to work together. The work was based on Antti Lizelius’s work as the founder of the first Finnish-language newspaper in the community, and the work was intended to address communication and communication. The workshops on the media were played in different ways: poems are written with an antique typewriter and an old cell phone. They also got acquainted with calligraphy. The base material for the large collage was obtained by feeding the leaves of the discharge books to the shredder.

We are busy working with a shredder to create masses of paper yarn with which to create a huge book with woven paper pages for the children’s library here. In it we will interweave our Initials and song lyrics to celebrate the Evolution of the Finnish language. Talented metal worker in the group will be making the frame of the book too. We still have some way to go but it will be ready in March. Come and visit the library in Spring and take a look.


Spin : Blaze, Cultural Olympiad, Blackpool UK
Daniel Blackburn are working with young people to design Persistence of Vision (POV) lighting displays for 50 bikes to create a stunning visual display, called SPIN, for Ride the Lights. Persistence of Vision displays use a sequence of flickering lights and motion to trick the eye into seeing a complete image or sequence of images. Each device is about the size of a large matchbox and can fit directly onto the spokes of a bike.

100 Years : Creative Partnerships
Royds Hall School and David Brown – mechanical sculpture for 100 years of industry